“Is Marriage for White People” Wrong

February 17, 2012

Pastor G’s Perspective

As a Pastor and an African American man I have a sensitivity toward how we develop relationships within and outside of our diverse cultures. [Disclaimer] I’ve not read this book, I’ve only heard the NPR interview with Ralph Richard Banks. I read a small portion of the book and couldn’t continue reading as the angle of the book veered from the expected. The title is totally misleading and it seemed the publishers may have played on words to get sales. So, here’s your chance to make your determination about the author in this documented interview. Share with me your thoughts at Facebook.com/pastorgirton.

Marriage Is for Black People‚ Too | Urban Faith


Ralph Richards Banks’ book ‘Is Marriage for White People?’ made him the target of angry critics. Now, the author explains why there’s a link between fewer marriages and the deterioration of black communities.