About NM

New MENtality brings about renewal by redefining the fellowship experience for men. Many fellowships today are built around sporting events, church worship services or other shared activities. New MENtality builds fellowship experiences outside the traditional settings of a religious institution, based on shared interactions, providing a non-threatening forum where men can come face to face with themselves and, with the support of other men, allow the Holy Spirit to transform every aspect of their personal lives. We seek to provide practical and personal interaction that is useful and transitional for each man involved.

Specifically, New MENtality seeks to:

  • Break the isolation by providing a non-threatening, social and intimate environment where men can enjoy fellowship rooted in mutual understanding.
  • Provide a place where men from different generations can share life’s experiences to benefit one another.
  • Create a safe space where men can address and confront difficult issues and grow spiritually in an environment of complete confidentiality.
  • Provide a place for thriving cross-cultural dialogue and healed relationships.
  • • Offer practical information about life skills that men can use right away.