Time to make IMPACT!

September 1, 2010

For those whom this is your first email reflection, please be patient with the length of this email.

As I began to write my reflections last night the Lord began to pour his word into me in an amazing way. By 4 am, the resulting document was way too long to email and is still growing as I type this update to you now. The resurgence of the New MENtality Men’s Ministry has been in God’s plans for a long time. I think many of you who know me and have been beneficiaries of some of our past programs know this. For everything there is a season.

It is clear that God doesn’t assign the most talented, the most prepared, the most educated, the most charismatic, the most financially stable or the most connected people to step up and take on life’s challenges. I know this because for some reason God continues to call me when I feel I have the least to offer. Then God does something miraculous. He wraps people around me and resources around me and support around me. I feel God doing that right now through you.

In order for New MENtality to have positive impact it will require committed volunteers, significant public and private donations and contributions, vast community support, technical assistance and an innovative and forward thinking staff of dedicated individuals. But, while much of this is not in place at the moment, I understand that where there’s vision, God will make provision. Therefore, when you pray for us, pray that God will drop into your spirit people who will come to our aid as we launch this program to supply whatever needs we may have moving forward. Please don’t take the voice of the Lord for granted.

In 1 Kings 17, Elijah was commanded to go away in solitude and retirement. While there, he was provided for by unclean ravens that were appointed to bring him what he needed to survive. He could have questioned the Lord as to why these funny looking birds were surrounding him. He could have been skeptical because of the uncleanliness of the birds. However, this word shows us that we’re not to question who God uses to sustain and empower us during our season of preparation. It’s not for me to question, how God intends to use you nor anyone else he chooses to send my way through you. It was Elijah’s obedience that led to the miracle of the widow woman and her son. I believe a miracle is in order for our city right now. I’m believe that obedience to the word of God, hope in a future that is in His hands and not ours and faith in the power of God’s word to change hearts and minds is about to change our city that has performed a BENEDICTION over it’s young people. We’ve already figured out ways to adjust for the mentality of a few rather than usher in a new mentality of faith, hope and love for God, self and others. For if you loved God who made you then you would love yourself, which was created in God’s image. If you love yourself, then you must love your br-other. For your br-other is your -other you. And to hurt your br-other is to hurt yourself. And to hurt yourself is to hurt your creator.

Some of you may have already seen this video. But, it’s worth a look again if you have and certainly worth a look if you haven’t. This is why New MENtality is important (watch the video if you can)

It’s time to make IMPACT!

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