It’s no secret that men face many challenges today. Many live lives of quiet isolation—alone with their feelings of anger, frustration, confusion, resentment, depression and more. Left unaddressed, these feelings often show up in the form of generational curses, marital problems, alcoholism, violence, joblessness, unhealthy relationships or even substance abuse.


New Mentality provides a venue for men to band together to support, encourage and enrich one another as sons, husbands and fathers as they grow toward positive socialization, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.


To empower men with the consistent support needed to positively impact their view of spirituality, relationships, responsibility, fatherhood, marriage, and health.

New MENtality brings about renewal by redefining the fellowship experience for men. Many fellowships today are built around sporting events, church worship services or other shared activities. New MENtality builds fellowship experiences outside the traditional settings of a religious institution, based on shared interactions, providing a non-threatening forum where men can come face to face with themselves and, with the support of other men, allow the Holy Spirit to transform every aspect of their personal lives. We seek to provide practical and personal interaction that is useful and transitional for each man involved.


Currently we have no events.